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Scientific Affairs shall serve the University community by creating a culture of academic excellence that embraces diversity, sustains innovation and intellectual integrity and enhances social, cultural and economic qualities.


The Scientific and Academic Affairs Secretariat is committed to providing a distinguished type of education provided by competent cadres
with a high degree of qualification and training to attract outstanding students to high quality programs. Maintaining and assuring that the students accepted by the university are of the best quality and that SUST is their first choice. Assuring an excellent education for students, that engages them as active participants in it, and that helps them realize their targeted goals. Participating in preparing and implementing advanced academic programs that realize the intended outcomes. Providing high-quality post-graduate studies and continuous advanced training to the academic staff and excellent training to the supporting staff and workforce. Helping the academic staff, in their role as teacher-scholars, to pursue teaching and research with enthusiasm.


  • To develop and follow up the academic performance of the faculties of the university and its other academic units in terms of
  • Implementing programs to rehabilitate faculty members and their assistants in postgraduate degrees and continuously improve their academic performance by contributing to their training
  • Participate in the dissemination of the culture of self-evaluation and encourage its application, and work to improve and improve academic performance and participate in the guidance and guidance in coordination with academic colleges.
  • Establishing an integrated and computerized database of students in the university and their performance and academic progress from registration until graduation.
  • Supervision and follow-up on the leave of students' results and documenting and checking the certificates of graduates.
  • Establish academic regulations and regulations to evaluate students during their academic years.